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Flowpacks' years of engineering experience, has been directed into developing the Ezy-lift 2, a quality piece of engineering. With its smooth lines, crevice free joints and ergonomic design, it's a masterpiece to view and a dream to use.

Intelligent use of fabrication methods has minimised welds and created smooth bends.

The only word that describes the Ezy-lift 2 in operation is "Quality", almost silent lifting and smooth manoeuvring.

Attention to detail has been paramount; the belt drive closes the commonly found front slot on the majority of lifting machines. Bought in components have been carefully selected and rigorously tested.

Safety was at the top of the priority list when developing the unit. The narrow carriage slot (9mm) and 24V working voltage are just two examples of how seriously safety was taken during development.

We are so confident with the quality of the Ezy-lift 2 that we offer long guarantees to give our customers confidence to invest in the product.

Ezy-lift 2