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Ezy-lift 2

Flowpack have designed the Ezy-lift 2 to be flexible & adaptable.

It can be adapted to lift a large range of loads, up to virtually any height, and with any reach required *.

Where a standard machine doesn't meet your manual handling requirements, our team of design consultants will ensure it will.

They will initial request, by email, digital photos of the problem, highlighting load pick and drop locations, and any restrictions such as low beams or narrow isles. The team will email the proposed machine and attachment that suits the problem. This may involve a simple design modification to an existing Ezy-lift 2 or an attachment, or the design of a completely new attachment. Common modifications include shorter/taller or wider/narrower machines and longer/shorter legs.

If the drawings and quote are acceptable and you wish to proceed with an order we would then visit your site and take responsibility for the project, finalising all design detail and guaranteeing the Ezy-lift 2 is suitable for the job.

*Safe working loads vary depending on lift height and reach.